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December 26, 2019 2 min read

So, you want to start using Extreme Comfort Insoles to be more active and spend many hours playing with your grandchildren. If so, you want to avoid falling into the three biggest traps grandparents fall into with Extreme Comfort Insoles. Well, we’ve got you covered in this article, so you need to read it immediately to discover all you need to know to avoid these traps.

Trap #1: Flat feet

The trap with flat feet is about your fear that there is no remedy for your discomfort. Flat feet can cause a lot of pain and difficulty walking, which you might believe is a common sign of aging. 

It might not be.

Still, you can lessen your discomfort with a pair of shoe insoles. These are meant to offer additional support to your feet, which in turn will prevent the symptoms from worsening over time. 

Trap #2: Plantar Fasciitis

Another common trap amongst grandparents is caused by believing plantar fasciitis has no remedy besides medication and injections. But this is false, as plantar fasciitis symptoms can be significantly reduced with a pair of Extreme Comfort Insoles. These shoe inserts are made with a lot of attention to detail to prevent additional stress and impact damage to your heels. As a result, wearing quality insoles daily can diminish plantar fasciitis pain and increase your mobility. 


Now that you know how to overcome the three main traps that prevent grandparents from being active...

Here’s what you need to do:

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