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December 29, 2019 2 min read

Are you suffering from plantar fasciitis? If so, this article is for you! If you're a grandparent who's having a hard time managing plantar fasciitis pain, you should know that this issue comes in three stages. Read on to find out all you need to know about each stage, how to solve it, and enjoy every minute spent with your grandchildren!

Stage #1: Mild Problems With "Plantar Fasciitis"

If you are in the first stage of plantar fasciitis, you might think that your feet hurt just stood up for too long. But to tell you the truth, if you ignore these mild problems, the discomfort will only get worse. So, our advice is to research about shoes and insoles with anatomical arch support.

Stage #2: Moderate Problems With "Plantar Fasciitis"

You end up in this stage if you ignore mild problems with plantar fasciitis. This means you will feel pain frequently as soon as you take a few steps after waking up. Or you notice that your discomfort is worse after exercising. To overcome these issues, we recommend you try using qualitative insoles, such as the ones from Logics Best. These shoe inserts were created with superior materials that keep your feet in the best possible position with lasting comfort. 

Stage #3: Severe Problems With "Plantar Fasciitis"

Ignoring all the signs and symptoms of plantar fasciitis leads to severe problems. A sharp, stabbing pain is typical at this stage at the bottom of your foot near the heel. And it can extend to your knee and hip if left undealt with. Our tip is to use insoles with your shoes to lessen discomfort and relieve high arch, foot, and heel pain. These shoe inserts will prevent additional damage to your feet while increasing mobility and support. 


Now that you know everything about the three stages of plantar fasciitis, here's what you need to do to be more active and enjoy your time spent playing with your grandchildren:

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Step 2 – Post your results (or questions) in the comments below!