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December 02, 2019 2 min read

Do you struggle with plantar fasciitis or flat feet? Well, we have the best solution for you: Logics Best Insoles. And to get the best results with this product, we’ve created this beginner's guide to insoles for flat feet success. Read our beginner's guide for flat feet that every parent or grandparent needs to know.

Step #1: Trim the insoles to fit your shoe

Logics Best insoles were created for high volume shoes, including work boots, basketball shoes, running shoes, or dress shoes. Overall, if the shoes don’t have a high heel, you can use insoles as you please.

But to get the best results and diminish your discomfort, you should trim the insoles to fit your shoes. In this way, you will make sure these insoles cover the bottom of your shoes correctly and provide perfect positioning and support.

Step #2: Break in your new insoles before you do any intense exercise

The most crucial step that you need to remember when using insoles for flat feet is that you need to allow your feet to adjust. So, before you use your new pair of insoles for a workout routine, wear them for a couple of days. It will get your feet accustomed to the new anatomical support, which will prevent additional pain or discomfort while doing intense exercises.


So, with this two-step insole beginner's guide for flat feet success, you most likely wonder what do to benefit from such results. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1 – Click here to order your new pair of Logics Best Insoles:

Step 2 – Post your results (or questions) in the comments below!