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January 08, 2020 2 min read

Do you want to know the three questions (and answers) every grandparent needs to know to be more active? If so, you need to read this immediately. The answers you need are up next! Let’s see how you can spend more time with your grandkids without any pain or discomfort!

Question #1: How do the Logics Best Comfort Insoles work?

Many grandparents doubt the effectiveness of insoles when it comes to relieving pain. Logics Best insoles are designed with anatomical arch support, and it improves foot and leg alignment. As a result, it decreases pain and soreness caused by flat feet, plantar fasciitis, pronation, or similar issues. Besides, these insoles come with a deep heel cup, which keeps your feet in the best position, preventing impact damage to your heel while walking or running.

Question #2: Do Logics Best Insoles fit in high heels?

Sadly, no. 

Our Extreme Comfort Control Insoles were created for wider, high volume shoes. This means you can wear these insoles with work boots, basketball shoes, running shoes, casual shoes, or dress shoes. Still, these insoles are not recommended for high heels, as the design of such shoes will disable the insole’s ability to support the heel. 

Question #3: Do I need to trim my Logics Best Insoles?

The answer to this question is yes! The first thing you need to do after purchasing your Extreme Comfort Control Insoles is to trim them accordingly to your feet size. And you can do this by measuring your new insoles with the ones found in your shoes. 


Now that you know the answers to the three main Extreme Comfort Control Insoles questions, here’s what you need to do to be more active and spend more time with your grandkids:

Step 1 – Click here to order your new pair of Logics Best Extreme Comfort Control Insoles:

Step 2 – Post your results (or questions) in the comments below!