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January 28, 2020 2 min read

If you’re a parent that wants to ease foot pain and discomfort so that you can spend a lot of time playing with your children, you need to read this article immediately. Up next, we’ve shared with you the top 3 foot pain relief fundamentals you need to know to ease stress and pain caused by flat feet, plantar fasciitis, or any other similar problem. 

Fundamental #1: Always remove the stock insole before you put in an anti-fatigue Insole

This is an essential fundamental which you shouldn’t overlook. So, to achieve pain relief success, you should remove the stock insoles in your shoes. It is best to do so because placing the anti-fatigue insoles over the stock ones will disable almost all the benefits you might receive. And besides this, it can increase your pain and discomfort. 

Fundamental #2: Cut your insoles to the size of your foot

Another important thing you need to do to ease your pain is to always cut your insoles before using them. Use the stock insoles in your shoes and measure them with your new insoles. Cut accordingly to your foot’s size and only then insert them in your shoes. In this way, your new anti-fatigue insoles will adjust to your feet’s particularities, decrease your pain, and increase your mobility. 

Fundamental #3: Inspect your insoles at least once a month

The anti-fatigue insoles from Logics Best were created to last up to 2 years. Still, depending on how often you wear them, they might need a replacement sooner than that. Overall, it would be best if you changed your insoles every 8 to 12 months, or when your feet start to hurt again. So, you should inspect your insoles at least once a month, so that you can check if they are still offering enough support. 


So, if you’re a parent who wants to play with their kids without worrying about pain, following these fundamentals will help you in your journey. All you have to do to ease your pain and boost your mobility is to: 

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