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January 04, 2020 2 min read

If you want to play with your grandchildren without worrying about your plantar fasciitis and flat feet pain, then you need to read this article immediately. The myths and truths about Extreme Comfort Insoles are inside! Let's see how you can be more active and enjoy your day to day activities.

Myth #1: Pain is just part of getting older

Believing that pain is only part of getting older hurts you because there are many other causes for your plantar fasciitis and flat feet pain. The truth is that plantar fasciitis, flat feet, foot, arch, and heel pain are a consequence of your bone structure. Thus, your pain won't disappear on its own, and you will need to use quality insoles to relieve discomfort.

Myth #2: The insoles I already have in my shoes are good enough

The standard insoles included in any pair of shoes don't come with anatomical arch support. And this means these shoe inserts can worsen your plantar fasciitis pain, and make you dread walking. To overcome this myth, you should use Extreme Comfort Control Insoles with your shoes. These come with a deep heel cup, which offers the best possible position for your feet. And as a result, these insoles prevent impact damage to your heel while walking and running. 

Myth #3: I can't take care of myself because that's selfish

This is a common myth, especially among grandparents. You feel like your attention should be on the wellbeing and happiness of your grandchildren. But to tell you the truth, you can make your grandkids even happier if you take care of yourself. 


Because you'll be able to spend more time with them!

So, make sure you listen to your body's needs and deal with any discomfort. And don't forget about getting a new pair of insoles to be more active and relive high arch, foot, and heel pain. 


This being said, now you know the truth about the biggest Extreme Comfort Insoles myths! And to spend more time with your grandchildren without feeling any plantar fasciitis and flat feet pain, you need to:

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