Are Running Socks Important?

Are Running Socks Important?

Running socks are often overlooked when searching for running shoes to buy.

Because we tend to forget the relevancy of running socks altogether, it is until we experience significant discomfort with our feet that our light bulb pops and we go out in desperate search for the right socks.

Well today, we’re asking a question, “are running socks important?”

Let’s find out in this letter…

Are Running Socks Worth it?

running socks

Running socks are designed for runners to give maximum support and protection to their feet.

Major benefits of running socks include:

  • Prevention of blisters
  • Prevention of sore feet
  • Keep feet dry while running
  • Keep feet from bad odor
  • Enhance breathability for comfort and more

Running socks are also designed to have a firm grip on the surface of your feet to prevent the socks from sliding into the shoes.

This feature also helps prevent blisters by a country mile.

A lot of runners have different preferences when it comes to running socks that suit them.

For example, long-distance runners prefer toe socks while regular cardio runners and most hikers, bikers, and  joggers will opt for

Running socks with inbuilt Coolmax Technology

Coolmax running socks have become popular amongst runners in recent years because, well, the name says it all -  (Maximum Cooling)

They are built with a cooling mechanism that ensures feet are always dry and comfortable while running.

They help to stabilize feet, restrict movement and prevent bad odor as well as blisters.

It is absolutely justified to say that these are multipurpose socks that solve most runners’ problems on the road.

After buying your favorite running shoes, do not forget the most important piece to your kit - Coolmax running socks.

What to look for when choosing the right running socks

So now that you’ve decided to add running socks to your marathon collection, what are the most important factors to consider before buying?

Here are three main factors:

1. Blister prevention

Running socks that prevent blisters are usually built to keep moisture away.

Coolmax running socks are built with a technology that keeps your feet dry and prevents rubbing in and around the skin on your toes and ankles.

2. Breathability

Good quality running socks will allow your feet to breathe with ease during a hot marathon or cardio exercise. And during winter, you should feel your feet warm and comfortable to go an extra mile.

3. Good fit

Don’t you hate it when socks fall down in shoes? Seriously, this could  be one of the most annoying feelings to endure! 

Good running socks should fit perfectly even for largish feet, and be able to stay up as you run.

The Takeaway

Are running socks important?


These must go hand in hand with your running shoes because of the benefits we’ve seen today.

It is important to keep your feet looking nice, clean, and healthy as you go about your running.

However, not all running socks are tailored for your needs.

That is why you need to choose the right socks that suit you


coolmax running socks by logics best

Coolmax running socks by Logics Best are designed for true adventurous runners. They fit perfectly, offer extra protection and comfort, and much more…

With enhanced technology to help boost your running experience, your feet will thank you.