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  • Products & Quality (LoveNaturalMe Essential Oils)

  • Are LoveNaturalMe Essential Oils Therapeutic Grade?
    Yes. All essential oils and essential oil blends selling in this webpage are organic - cold pressed extracts, a true therapeutic grade comes from such method of extraction.
  • Are LoveNaturalMe Essential Oils Safe For The Whole Family?
    Yes. All essential oils and essential oil blends are certified by the US FDA (U S Food and Drug Administration) and The HACCP ( Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) making them secure to use for you and your family.   Topical use on children: since children’s skin is more sensitive than the skin of an adult it’s highly recommended to use one or two drops from the bottle and always dilute with a carrier oil. Rub in thicker skin such as the bottom of their feet.
  • Are LoveNaturalMe Essential Oils Safe For Pets?
    Yes. Our essential oils are not additioned with any synthetic elements making them safe for pets, diffusion is the best way to make your pet feel the benefits of a therapeutic grade oil.
  • Are LoveNaturalMe Essential Oils Safe During Pregnancy?
    There are some essential oils (not current in our catalogue) that are generally no recommended during pregnancy but everyone is different and you’ll have to find out what works best for you.
  • Are LoveNaturalMe Essential Oils Safe If I Have A Medical Condition?
    Therapeutic essential oils are excellent aids to combat certain medical conditions but you’ll have to check first with your health advisor prior using any of our products.
  • Are LoveNaturalMe Essential Oils Pre-diluted?
    No. For topical use we recommend diluting with our jojoba carrier oil and for aroma diffusion only use water.
  • Are LoveNaturalMe Essential Oils Produced In The USA?
    Our essential oil extracts come from pesticide free private plant fields around the world. We distribute essential oils internationally our business address in the US is located in Big Stone Gap, Virginia.
  • Accounts & Personal Information

  • What’s A Website Account For?
    A personal account in www.lovenaturalme.com allows you to save your information such as email, shipping and billing address also payment methods to later be filled securely automatically for you to make your next purchase faster and easier.
  • Do You Keep Any Of My Personal Information?
    Our system only keeps your email and name (if provided), everything else is securely managed by 3rd party certified online payment services and other trusted institutions such as paypal.