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Logics Best Plastic Table Cloth Single Use Disposable Light Plastic Covers

Our 54"x108" Plastic Table Cloths Rectangle come in 3 amazing colors: Red Table Clothes Blue Table Clothes White Table Clothes We also have multiple choices for quantity - Please select what is best for you!

  • Plastic
  • Table Cloths Rectangle 53" x 108" Plastic 9ft Table Cloth
  • 6 table cloth pack available or 3 table cloth pack, red table cloths, blue table clothes, white table cloths
  • If you need an 8 foot table cloth you can cut this to size - Cut to size any table.
  • These plastic table cloths are durable yet light, can be reused or disposed of, and may be cut to size
  • Use these big table cloths for weddings, picnics, parties - great table cloth christmas
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